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About Our Team

Chris Kaake

Everyone has the friend that they think should be medicated so that their creativity will stop running off and leaving everyone else behind. We call her Chris. She just made up 2 new games while you have been reading and is probably on a playground bribing strangers' children to try it out for her. Oh, and she lives in Ireland. That's fun. 

Rev. Erin Beademphl

Erin has a very small congregation called the Daughters of Perpetual Motion. OK, they are actually her children but imagine living where an art project could break out at any moment that leads you to experience God in a new way. Church's would give their left vestibule for a VBS with half the glitter of a DIY night at the Beardemphls'.

Brook Dwyer

You might think living in the bottom corner of TX would keep Brook in an oppressive cultural role, but oh no!  She is rocking a theological mind and a creative spirit to teach everyone about God's love. Where do conservative / traditional and progressive / emergent meet?  Brook's brain!  Boom!  

Anne Shelton

Who can refill a jar of googly-eyes, wrangle 100 volunteers, and navigate the politics of local church in the blink of any eyes? That would be Anne! There is a good chance she just organized your office while you read this, and has moved on to some creative time or is checking in on her family. 

Rev. Lee Yates

Lee started writing VBS stuff and calling it Day Camp to trick families into signing up in advance. Along the way he was asked to edit InsideOut Camp Curriculum, and now pastors a Church too. That makes him one of those ministers we will complain about come budget time when Christian Ed gets cut by $50 for no reason-  like that is going to balance the budget! He should know better! 

Emma-Claire Martin

Emma-Claire is a social-justice creative. She loves everything from crafting to filmmaking, just s long as she can be creative. Emma-Claire is also a scholar with a heart for faith formation. Jesus, justice, and the next big idea are all swirled together in the bundle of energy we know as Emma-Claire.

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