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Go Wild!

Daily themes flow from God's creation which teachers us about the line between fear and respect, how communities form and support each other, and what it means to be part of a flock. Finally, children explore what it means to be a shepherd and care for others that God puts in their flock.  

Day 1     Genesis 1: 20-26; Genesis 2: 7-8, 18-20              Creativity of Creation

               Hebrew Word:  Bara (Baw-Raw) - Create


Day 2     Exodus 34:10; Psalm 33: 6-8                              Respecting God and Creation

               Hebrew Word:  Yirah (Year-ah)  – Fear, respect or have great awe


Day 3     Genesis 12: 1-7; 1 Corinthians 12: 12-26            Community within Creation

               Hebrew Word:   Goy (Goee) – Nation, a people


Day 4     John 10: 11-14; Psalm 23                                     Jesus is a good shepherd

               Hebrew Word:   Roi (Ro-ee’) - Shepherd


Day 5     John 21: 15-17                                                         Caring for God’s Kingdom

               Hebrew Word:   Hesed (Hess`-ed) - God's covenental love


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